订单:order sheet||order form||order blank||order note
订购帐薄:order boook
订购样品||凭样订购:sample order||order by sample
确实已订:firm order
第一次订购:initial order||first order
正式订单:formal order
有限订单:limited order
按行情订购:market order
原始订单:original order
过期订单||未能按时交货订单||尚未交货订单:back order
开口订货:open order
开始订货:opening order
继续订货||再次订货:repeat order
追加订货||补充订购:additional order
分批订单:split order
出口订单:export order
进口订单:import order
已收到订单:order on hand
领到订单:order booked
寄出订单:order given
收到订单:received order
邮购:mail order
新订单:new order
口头订单:verbal order
电报订单:cable order||telegraphic order
试验订购||试购:trial order
向..寄出订单:to order from||to give an order for||to place an order with||to put in an order||to pass an order
对..订货:to pass one an order
不订货:to pass with an order
对..传达订货:to transmit an order to one
接到订单||收到订单:to receive an order
寄空白订单:to place an order in blank
订货||已列帐:to take an order||to book an order
接受订单||接受订货:to accept an order||to take an order
决定成交:to close an order
执行订单:to fill an order||to execute an order||to attend to an order||to put an order through
完成订货||已交货:to complete an order
寄送一份订单:to send an order
发货||寄出货品:to dispatch an order
装船||已装船:to ship an order
改变订货||变更订单:to modify an order||to make alterrations in an order
继续订货:to repeat an order
取消订货||撤消订单to cancel an order
确认订货:to confirm an order
已将订货列帐:to book an order
增加订货:to increase an order
将定货增加一倍:to duplicate an order
减少订货:to reduce an order
请求订货:to solicit an order||to invite an order
错过一次订货:to miss an order
依照某人指示:to make to order of
按照订单:as per order||as ordered||as one wishes
免费:free of charges
买方负责费用||对方负责费用:charges forward
费用已付||卖方已付杂费:charges paid||charges prepaid
装运单据||装货单:Shipping Documents
海运提单:bill of lading (B/L)
海运保险:marine insurance policy
货物装运单||装运发票:shipping invoice
收货传票:receiving note
收货单||大副收据:mate’s receipt (M/R)
领事发票:consular invoice
产地证书:certificate of origin
装船通知:shipping advice
船运公司||海运业:shipping business||shipping trade
海运费用:shipping charges||shipping expenses
运费率:freight rate
火车货运||货车:freight train||goods train
对方付运费||运费待收:freight forward||freight payable at destination||freight collect
运费表||运价表:freight tariff||freight list
货运船:freight vessel||cargo boat||freighter
货车:freight wagon
到达时交货:delivery on arrival
于……轮到达时交货:to arrive per s.s. ……
尚未下货||尚未卸船||在运途中:on passage||in transit
5月至6月交货:May/June delivery
5月至6月装船:May/June shipment
货已备妥待装运:”ready||for delivery
立即交货:immediate delivery
立即装船:immediate shipment
近日内马上交货:prompt delivery||near delivery
不久交货:future delivery||forward delivery
分期交货:part delivery
分期装运:part shipment
最后交货付清:final delivery
付清||已交清:complete delivery
交货缺少:short delivery
短装:short shipment
交货期||交货时间:time of delivery
交货日期:date of delivery
交货地点:place of delivery
交货港口:port of delivery
接受到货:to accept delivery
完成交货:to complete delivery


据我公司记载, 自上笔交易以来, 我们的业务已中断了很长时间, 不知是否因为我方服务不周所致, 敬请告知。
According to our records, it has been a long time since we last had the pleasure of serving you, and we are wondering whether something has “gone wrong”.
不论收到贵方任何订单, 我均非常感谢. 确信必将如期完成, 并使贵方感到满意.
We shall greatly appreciate any order that you may have for us and feel confident that it will be filled to your satisfaction.
如蒙惠顾, 请寄订单为盼.
Should you think favourably of our application, kindly hand us your order-sheet.
我们相信, 近日内必能收到贵公司的试销订单, 为此恭候来函.
We trust that you will favour us with a trial at an early date, and await the pleasure of hearing from you.


价格表已收到, 请尽可能迅速以铁路货运下列商品, 当不胜感激。
I have received your price-list, and shall be glad if you will send me by rail as early as possible as follows:
请送马路用, 医院用, 学校用, 以及办公室用的各种大小适当的灯, 一共 100个, 谢谢。
I shall be glad if you will let me have 100 Lamps of each of the various sizes, suitable for streets, hospitals, schools and offices.
请寄我公司在本月 5日函中所详述的抽水机三个. 其价格按照贵公司来函所定价格。
We request you to hand us the three pumps described in detail in ours of the 5th inst., at the prices fixed in your letter.
请按照贵公司提供的样品, 供应我司50吨煤炭, 谢谢。
I shall be glad if you will forward fifty tons of coal, in accordance with your sample.


信用证上的进口人||买方:Accredited buyer||Accredited holder||Accredited importer
开证行:Opening bank||Issuing bank
通知银行||联系银行:Notifying bank||Advising bank||Transmitting bank
购买银行||议付行:Negotiating bank||Purchaser||Negotiating party
善意持票人:Bona fide holder
接受银行||承兑银行:Accepting bank
保兑银行:Confirming bank
无担保信用证||不跟单信用证:clean letter of credit
押汇信用证||跟单信用证:documentary letter of credit
确认信用证||保兑信用证:confirmed letter of credit
不确认信用证||不保兑信用证:unconfirmed letter of credit
不可撤消信用证:irrevocable letter of credit
可撤消信用证:revocable letter of credit
保兑不可撤消信用证:irrevocable and confirmed credit
不保兑、不可撤消信用证:irrevocable and unconfirmed credit
不保兑、可撤消信用证:revocable and unconfirmed credit
循环信用证:circular letter of credit||revolving credit
特定信用证:restricted letter of credit
旅行信用证:traveller’s letter of credit
商业信用证:commercial letter of credit
无条件信用证:”general credit
委托购买信用证:L/A letter of credit
特定授权信用证:S/A letter of credit
有条件转让信用证:ESCROW letter of credit
背对背信用证:back-to-back letter of credit
交互计算信用证:swing clause letter of credit
开出计算信用证:open account letter of credit
可转让信用证:assignable L/C
有权追索信用证:with recourse L/C
无权追索信用证:without recourse L/C
银行信用证:banker’s credit||bank credit
前借信用证:packing credit
原始信用证:original credit
开立信用证:”to open a credit
在银行裁决信用证:to arrange a credit with a bank
以电报开出信用证:to cable a credit
开出信用证:to issue a credit
修改信用证:to amend a credit
将信用证有效期延长:to extend a credit
增加信用证金额:to increase a credit
请求开立信用证:to take out a credit
收回信用证||撤回信用证:to revoke a credit


We are glad to learn that you forwarded the letter of credit on May 5 to the Bandk of America in San Franceisco. We assume we shall receive an advice within a few days.
我们很高兴得知贵公司对此批订货, 已通过国家银行开出以史密斯公司为受益人,面额为100000美元, 12月31日前有效的信用证。
We are glad to learn that you opened a credit with the National Bank, in favor of Messers. Smith & Co., for the amount of $100,000 covering the said order available till December31.
对6月6日第450号信用证, 我公司已开出面额为90,000元的汇票, 该汇票以东京银行为受益人, 付款日期为见票后60天。
We have drawn on you at 60 days’ sight a draft for $90,000, under the credit No. 450 of June 6, in favor of the Tokyo Bank.
因信用证的有效期为5月31日, 希望将其有效期延长至6月10日, 并请将此情况通知你方的银行。
The expiry date of the credit being May 31, we request that you will arrange with your banker to extend it up to June 10, amendign the said credit.


修改信用证:amendent to an L/C
更改一部分:partial amendment||whole amendment
更改全部:whole amendment
更改信用证||修改信用证:to amend an L/C
做如下更改||做如下修改:to amend as follows
更改:to make an amendment
建议更改::to propose an amendment
执行更改::to introduce an amendment
提出更改信用证的建议:to suggest an amendment to an L/C
商业信用证更改已通知:Amendment of the commercial credit was advised.
请通知受益人, 我们对第1200号信用证中, 5箱更改为10箱, 其余部分不变。
Please advise the beneficiaries that we shall amend the Credit No.1200 to read ten boxes of the articles instead o f5 boxes, otherwise unchanged.

烦请通知买方, 我们将信用证内C&F纽约更改为买方负担运费。
Kindly notify the buyers that we shall make an amendment in the L/C freight collect instead of C&F New York.

This is solely an advice of amendment of the L/C and not constitute a Confirmation of the message.


本月10日来函收悉,感谢贵方对… …的订货。
We received your letter of the 10th inst., and thank you for your order for …

We are in receipt of your favour of the 10th May, with your order for five printing machines, which I herewith acknowledge with best thanks.

We confirm herewith your telegraphic order of the 10th June, for 100 cwt. of the best sugar.

We acknowledge receipt of your favour of the 10th July, and thank you for the order you have given us.


The machines ordered on the 10th April were despatched to your address yesterday.

In thanking you for your esteemed order of the 5th May, I inform you that it has this day been executed.

The goods were forwarded to day, in our van, to the London Wharf for shipment by m.s. “AsoMaru”, fo rYokohama, sailing on 10th May.

We have the honour to inform you that the shirtings kindly ordered were duly shipped today, by m.s. “Kitano Maru”, sailing tomorrow, May 20th, from seattle.


We are sorry to say that the quantity of cotton at the market just now is very small and prices consequently have advanced, say to 10s. and 10 1/2d. per lb. It is, therefore, out of our power to execute your order.

Your order for a supply of our booklet “A Wonderful Story” hsa not been filled, because of our inability to procure the necessary paper for printing.

We regret ot say that on the terms mentioned, we find it impossible to fill same.

We have none of this particular make in stock at the moment, and, owing to the great pressure at the mills, we are afraid we cannot guarantee delivery within less than three months of receipt of orders.


To my deep regret, the buyer of these goods has just cancelled the order, a fact which compels me to cancel my order with you.

Our requirements are now fully covered for some time to come, and we therefore greatly regret that we have to cancel our order with you.

We are sorry to report that our buyer does not confirm this order at your price $500; we must, therefore, ask you to cancel same.

I regret that I have to notify you of so many orders being ceancelled at the same time.


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